The second annual Cricket match took place in July this year against bpha at the local ground of Pavenham Cricket Club. After a total white wash last year Parrotts regrouped and prepared themselves well in an attempt to win back the shield.

The match was played with similar rules to Twenty20, however after being bowled, caught or run out, five runs were deducted from the batsmen rather than having to leave the field of play. Each side would also start with 100 runs, to prevent any embarrassment.

Parrotts opened the batting this year with big hitters Bob and Mike, but were limited to 11 runs.

Things started to improve after the change of batsmen, Gary and Dave managed 13 between them followed by 10 from Roger and Mick.

The surveying and contracts department then took charge as Chris.L and Andrew scored 23, followed by Chris.P and Nic with a score of 30.

The final pair of the innings saw Chris.L return with partner Lee who also scored well with 16.

Unfortunately the cumulative score 203 (including the 100 gifted runs) was soon reduced to 128 by the number of wickets and catches taken by bpha.

After a brief interval and a bite to eat, it was bpha’s turn to bat, and it didn’t take long before the runs were soon racking up.

By the time the second pair from bpha had finished, they were already 20 runs up with another 12 over’s to go.

Things didn’t change either with the remaining over’s producing another 84 runs, Parrotts did however manage to claim a few wickets and a spectacular one handed catch from Andrew to knock 40 runs of bpha’s total, thus reducing them to 192 and another defeat for Parrotts, and the Shield will be retained by BPHA until next year.

After the match more refreshments were consumed, and the presentation of the team and individual awards took place.

Parrotts Team: Bob Marsh-Gabb, Mike Linger, Gary Hall, Dave Williams, Roger Mason, Mick Hockley, Chris Layram, Andrew Robins, Chris Protty, Nic Cowell and Lee Westcar.