Data Protection


Parrott Construction Ltd needs to gather and use certain information about individuals. This may include categories such as customers, suppliers, business contacts, employees; sub-contractors, professional advisers and others with whom Parrott Construction Ltd does business. This Policy describes how this personal data must be collected, handled and stored to meet its legal compliance obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR). This Personal Information Protection Policy ensures that Parrott Construction Ltd

• Complies with the requirements of the GDPR and best practice
• Protects the rights of all those whose personal information Parrott Construction Ltd processes
• Is open as to how it stores and processes an individual’s personal information
• Protects itself from the risk of breaching the requirements of the GDPR Protection of Personal Information Data

A senior member of staff is appointed to advise the employees of Parrott Construction Ltd on the rules needed to ensure compliance with data protection laws. Parrott Construction Ltd employees know who to approach if they have any questions regarding our Personal Information Protection Policy or anything related to the processing of personal information.

Processing Private Information

Data All Parrott Construction Ltd employees are trained in the need to ensure security of personal information and in particular heads of departments who are those responsible for day-to-day control of the personal information. These responsibilities and categories are clearly defined in separate documentation within our Business Management System which complies with ISO9001:2015.

Processing Sensitive Personal Information Data

Employees are aware of how to identify sensitive personal information and how to process it lawfully and according to the Parrott Construction Ltd Policy. Subject Access Requests Subject access requests will be dealt with promptly and certainly within 1 month of the request. The information with be provided in a Personal Information Notice which will be in appropriate and clear language and will provide the information necessary for the enquirer to understand the nature and content of any personal information Parrott Construction Ltd retains on that individual.

Breaches in Personal Information Data Protection

All staff members have an obligation to report data protection breaches to a senior member of Parrott Construction Ltd staff such as a director or contact the ICO if they have concerns of such a breach. This will allow the appropriate personnel to investigate further and take the necessary steps to rectify the issue in a timely manner.

Staff Training

Parrott Construction Ltd employees are trained in data protection and the requirements of the GDPR and the actions they are required to undertake. Training is delivered to all employees upon induction into the Parrott Construction Ltd and refresher training will be delivered regularly and on any future occasion that the requirements of the GDPR change.

Privacy Notice

A privacy notice is published on the Parrott Construction Ltd website. Consequences of Failing to Comply With This Data Protection Policy The consequences of failing to comply with this Personal Information Protection Policy and for any breaches of Personal Information data are clearly outlined in the Parrott Construction
Ltd hand-book and may, in extreme cases, result in disciplinary action leading to dismissal. This Personal Information Protection Policy is endorsed and maintained by the Board of Directors of Parrott Construction Ltd This Policy will be reviewed annually at management reviews.

You can download our Website Privacy Notice Here


Signed – Managing Director
For and on behalf of Parrott Construction Ltd